All the right options – Five reasons why software as a service is the right payroll solution

Saas cloud-based payroll software

One thing we can all agree on is that your payroll solution is hugely important to your business. No wonder then that early in our discussions with clients, one question that we always tend to end up focusing on is the benefit of cloud-based ‘Software as a Service’ (SaaS) compared to the more traditional server-based approach.

Actually, let’s rephrase something here before we go on. Your payroll system is more than important; it is vital to your business, your brand and your reputation. Naturally, you expect it to be reliable, consistent, secure, accurate and flexible. These are perfectly reasonable expectations and a cloud-based service not only meets these, but it should do so with quite a few additional bells and whistles compared to the less flexible server-based systems.

Here are five very good reasons to use a cloud-based payroll solution

There are many more, but one article really doesn’t allow for a full exploration. Call us, and we will be happy to look at your needs in a more specific way.

  1. Right at the top of the list when it comes to benefits of a software as a service option is the convenience of not being fixed to a location. Since the return after lockdown, we have all seen the workplace change in one very significant way. It has adopted remote and multi-site working as standard practice. SaaS payroll follows you to wherever you choose work. As long as you have access to the internet, you have access to your payroll solution. As a benefit, that’s pretty much a show stopper.
  2. Maintenance is built in. If you have an issue on a traditional server, your response needs to be local because, well, that is where the physical machine is that is having the issue. Someone is called out to deal with it. With a cloud-based system, this is simply not a factor. The response is instant, and issues are resolved quickly.
  3. Security of your data and systems are enhanced and immediate. Again, the lack of a physical presence means that the information in your SaaS option is always backed up and ready to be reinstated as needed. Even in the most catastrophic circumstances, you will usually be up and running within minutes and using the most recent version of your critical data.
  4. The cloud is greener than traditional servers and more cost-effective. Once you are running a cloud-based system, you will see the return on your investment surprisingly quickly. With no hefty server churning away burning electricity, file sharing reducing your printing bill and no need for someone to oversee the operations, there will soon be an impact on your bottom line costs. Not to mention the reduction in your carbon footprint. The other good news is that the initial onboarding will probably be easier and less costly than you imagine.
  5. Up to date and flexible processing. Our systems are constantly updated for security and system software improvements. You won’t even see that process happening. All the concerns over having the most up to date systems are taken away because that is all happening in the background. What that also means is there is an agile response element to cloud systems that is simply not viable with a server system. Of course, none of this means that your options are limited in any way. Our SaaS approach means your payroll requirements are compliant and robust but still as individual as your own business.

As well as hitting the mark for reliability, compliance, record-keeping, secure backup and all the other traditional server-based expectations, being cloud-based adds a myriad of additional options and opportunities.

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The table below summarises all the benefits of a cloud-based option

Saas benefits table

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