There is no need to drown under the number of logins and systems you’re managing just to process payroll. Octopaye is intelligent payroll software that is working away in the background, talking to your third-party systems. You have just one login and consolidate payroll function that you operate from a single dashboard.

Octopaye features a built-in CRM, with HR reporting and API integration into a variety of supporting systems.


For fast, reliable checking of identity documents Octopaye works in partnership with TrustID. This allows your organisation, whatever size you are, to make quick, affordable and consistent ID checks from anywhere. From Right to Work checks through to Anti-Money Laundering and even NHS and Public Sector checks, the system is flexible, secure and reliable.

Smart Pension

Smart Pension is an automatic enrolment workplace pensions platform designed specifically for UK business. It’s fast, secure and trusted – users can get real time valuations and manage their savings. They are a regulated business with strong governance and they work with some of the world’s largest financial services companies. Smart Pension is one of the largest pension scheme providers in the UK, running a master trust scheme for hundreds of thousands of members. See what Smart Pension say about us here


Need an easy way to communicate with your end-users or payees? We partner with Textmarketer to allow bulk text (SMS) messaging. This allows you to deliver low cost SMS marketing, reminders, notifications and more.


Cashplus Bank provide a low cost bulk payments service that enables payroll firms to seamlessly process faster payment.

There’s no need to switch Banks – simply use Cashplus Bank for your bulk payments and keep using your existing bank for everything else. Slash your transaction costs and improve your reconciliation, with the option to open separate underlying payment accounts for your separate agency clients.

What’s more, Octopaye have built an integration that allows Cashplus customers to initiative payments and reconcile all from within Octopaye. Speak to Cashplus to find our how much you could save on your banking fees


Remus Rewards, ‘The Contractor Engagement Company’, is a leading provider of benefits delivery and wellbeing solutions. They serve a range of temporary labour companies throughout the UK, delivering highly flexible programmes and technology to help businesses enhance their contractor value proposition.

In a unique partnership, Remus have a single sign on API with Octopaye, providing the most efficient way of managing your “Rewards” via your Octopaye platform.