About us

Octopaye is a solution born out of years of experience in recruitment, payroll management and human resources.

Octopaye is intelligent, secure payroll software that does the legwork for you. it takes the hassle out of running multiple payroll processes, for multiple clients or departments in, you guessed it, multiple locations.

The team behind Octopaye know that running payroll can be time consuming and full of headaches. you have multiple systems, you’re logging in to several platforms, pulling reports from one piece of software and uploading it somewhere else. most legacy payroll platforms are clunky, outdated and, quite simply, in-effective. 

Intelligent payroll platform

Creating a modern, fresh, intelligent payroll platform that was a panacea to all these issues made perfect sense to us. We’ve been in your shoes and know how important the user experience is for everyone involved in the payroll process, whether that’s the finance team, HR, operations and the individual at the end of process who’s waiting for the payment to land in their bank account.

Octopaye is ideal for multi-user and multi-location businesses for example:


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