Testimonial from We Contract

About 18 months ago We Contract set out to replace the heart of the business, the payroll software. After nearly 10 years in business, the ageing software still had a user interface reminiscent of 1990s Netscape Navigator. Operating on a hideously expensive and overclocked Microsoft Azure server, and with every new worker added to it’s creaking and groaning database, the time taken to execute the simplest of commands continued to noticeably increase.

With a growing frustration from everyone within the business that the speed issues were continuing with no resolution in sight, the time had come to change. We surveyed and tested all the available software options, and I can tell you there is a lot of choice out there with a varying degree of efficiency, usability, reliability, service and price. It was easy to whittle the list of options down until Octopaye became the clear way forward.

Moving our payroll software can only be compared to moving house with young children. Not everyone wants to move. There is resistance everywhere you turn. nobody likes change. We knew Implementation was never going to be easy and I could write a book on the challenges but the Octopaye team were a fantastic help throughout.

To be fair it is their people and their company ethos that makes Octopaye stand out above the many other payroll SAAS providers in the industry. I couldn’t speak highly enough of their support team. Their ethos, that if recommended additional functionality is a good idea, they will create that functionality, and release it free to all users. Any conversations relating to additional functionality that shows a potential benefit for the software is met with a positive “I will see how we can do that”. This is what the SAAS market is missing, a provider that progresses their software for the good of all clients not just the clients with deep pockets.

Once the dust had settled from the implementation period, everyone within We Contract will tell you how much better, faster, slicker and user friendly the Octopaye software is. There are API integrations that make old daunting tasks just a few clicks and new API service integrations that enable We Contract to offer services that can give a new clear leading edge in a competitive space.

Ultimately all payroll software has the same end goal with a varying degree of efficiency, usability, reliability, service and price, and if you are looking for one that brings it all together, Octopaye have done it incredibly well.

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