Reward Your Contractors Directly in Octopaye

Remus Rewards

Contractor loyalty, it can be hard to gain and even more challenging to keep. For an umbrella company, good service goes beyond providing seamless systems to ensure your contractors are paid on time and correctly.

If you can inspire, motivate and reward your temporary and contract workers, then they are more likely to stick with you. That’s why we’ve partnered with Remus Rewards, the Contractor Engagement Company.

Remus Rewards is more than just a benefits company

Remus is more than a simple benefits company. By using them, contractors not only have access to a range of rewards, but it’s a chance to boost performance, increase engagement, improve morale and generate loyalty. They have created real rewards for real people that have a genuinely positive impact on their lives.

Access the programme directly

Octopaye clients can access the Remus Rewards programme directly since we have integrated our platforms. When running payroll and using the one-click sign-on, access to Remus Rewards is available within our system. As with everything from Octopaye, it’s about efficiency and taking the legwork out of not just running payroll but rewarding your team. There is no logging into different systems – only one dashboard that controls everything you need.

This single sign-on further creates ‘stickiness’ with your contractors. It’s this kind of loyalty that Remus and Octopaye mutual customers, particularly umbrella companies, are already enjoying and that spurred us on to create the integration.

Lots of different rewards and benefits

The rewards available through Remus include discounts at or on major supermarkets, restaurants, online entertainment, wine, financial wellbeing, even on mortgages and fuel. Contractors can benefit from discounts on the high street, significant savings on weekly shops and even those everyday treats like takeaway coffee.

Some of the most popular benefits right now, particularly in the current circumstances, are the online health and wellness services. There are online fitness and mental health tools and even an online GP service. With contractors and temporary workers often working flexible hours or shift patterns, the 24/7 online GP service means they can access medical help at a time to suit them.

For the Octopaye team, it felt like a natural partnership; there was no question we would take the plunge with Remus Rewards. Why wouldn’t we when it benefits not just our customers but the end-user as well?

To find out more about Remus Rewards and using the integration through Octopaye, contact us for more information.

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