How to ensure your supply chain is compliant

How to ensure compliance in your supply chain

Compliance in the supply chain is one of those non-negotiable lines in the sand. The question of how you ensure a supply chain is compliant, though, is not one that comes without complications. To start with, you need to be certain what and where you are asking for compliance and what it is to be…

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Efficiencies – how payroll technology should support your processes

how payroll technology should support your processes

I’m sure I am not surprising anyone if I say that recruitment, particularly contract and temp, can be a pretty ‘interesting’ space to be in at times because it’s a fast-moving business that sometimes feels like it changes with the weather. It is legislation heavy, compliance-driven, and you need to have an attention to detail…

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Reward Your Contractors Directly in Octopaye

Remus Rewards

Contractor loyalty, it can be hard to gain and even more challenging to keep. For an umbrella company, good service goes beyond providing seamless systems to ensure your contractors are paid on time and correctly. If you can inspire, motivate and reward your temporary and contract workers, then they are more likely to stick with…

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