Meet Ollie

The octopus is the world’s most intelligent invertebrate and Ollie is definitely the brains behind Octopaye. He’s our payroll software guru, doing the legwork in the background and taking the hassle out of processing payroll. He makes a complex process much easier.

Each of Ollie’s appendages have a mind of their own. So, while you’re processing payroll, he’s interacting with all the necessary systems to produce reports, make multiple BACS payments, paying pension contributions, and adhering to all legislation for your temporary, permanent and contract staff payrolls.

Ollie became our team mascot right from the start and ever since then we’ve been immersing ourselves in a sea of octopus information.


Did you know?

  • The plural of octopus is octopuses, not Octopi as many people think. Octopus comes from the Greek work, októpus, which means “eight foot.” Therefore, it takes a Greek plural with an -es added on. Octopi would be a Latin plural so it’s not relevant in this case
  • These unique creatures have three hearts and blue blood plus they squirt ink to deter predators
  • There is some debate over whether the Octopus has arms, legs, tentacles or appendages. Most sources opt for arms!
  • Each of their eight arms can operate independently, with more neurons here than in their brains. Meaning they can reach out for food with one arm, whilst be cracking open a shell with another
  • Octopuses are invertebrates meaning they have no internal skeletons or protective shells. They have soft bodies so can squeeze into small spaces (and even escape from seemingly secure tanks!)

We’re sure you’ll agree Ollie and his friends are fascinating, intelligent creatures – just like the team at Octopaye!

Did you know?