50% growth over the past 12 months at Octopaye

At Octopaye, we’re thrilled to announce that our growth has accelerated by 50% over the past 12 months, driven by both new and existing clients who are enjoying the benefits of our innovative payroll software.

As well as supercharged features, the best support team in the business and our collaborative relationship with our Clients, what sets us apart from other saas providers is our independence. Octopaye is not beholden to external ownership, investment, or debt, which means we’re free to make decisions that put our clients first.

“I’ve been in the umbrella industry for several years now, and I can confidently say that Octopaye is a game changer. As someone who values efficiency and compliance, Octopaye ticks all the boxes.

The user interface is incredibly intuitive, making it easy for the team to navigate through the various functionalities without any extensive training. From onboarding new candidates to processing payments, Octopaye simplifies every step of the payroll process.

Octopaye allows us to focus more on looking after our clients and growing our business, rather than worrying about the potential pitfalls that can come with the wrong payroll software. We highly recommend Octopaye to any umbrella company looking for a reliable and compliant payroll solution”.

Dan White – Ellier Umbrella

So, why choose Octopaye for your payroll needs? Here are just a few reasons:

  • Streamlined Processes: We’re committed to automating and simplifying your payroll process, so you can focus on what you do best – growing your business.
  • Scalability: Our software is designed to grow with your business, so you don’t need to worry about additional overheads or headcount.
  • Innovative Solutions: We’re constantly developing new features and integrations to meet the evolving needs of our clients. Recent examples include:
  • Signable API integration for seamless document signing, compliance from SafeRec and Pensions from Smart.
  • Onboarding workflow automation to simplify the process for new clients
  • Enhanced reporting capabilities to provide deeper insights into your payroll data

“For us to keep evolving and not be restricted by our payroll software, we needed genuine cloud-based tech.

Octopaye offered us a flexible platform to cover the basics but also to innovate for things like external API links etc.

We have worked closely with the team since 2021 on a partnership level where we can swap ideas, have open dialogue and ask for development without being charged excessively.

Could we pay less money for a dated, clunky system? Yes we could, but you get what you pay for. That’s why Octopaye is our no. 1 choice.

Jonathan Myatt – Orbital Payroll

By choosing Octopaye, you’ll benefit from:

  • Accurate and timely payroll processing
  • Real-time reporting and analytics
  • Seamless integration  with an eco-system of best practice industry suppliers
  • Dedicated support team available when you need it

Don’t just take our word for it – join the growing list of satisfied umbrella and recruitment companies who have chosen Octopaye as their go-to payroll partner. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help streamline your payroll processes and allow you business to flourish.

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